First International Social Transformation Conference 10-12 July 2012. Split, Croatia

Theme: Energy currency. Energy as the fundamental Measure of Price, Cost and Value

In memoriam Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)

Nikola Tesla

Many people may ask a very reasonable question: "What does the engineer Nikola Tesla have in common with a scientific conference on economic issues?" This question has several answers. First of all, it has to do with name of the conference, “Social Transformation Conference.” The figure of Nikola Tesla is very symbolic because his contribution to the development and transformation of the society is enormous, although not always recognized.

Nikola Tesla | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Nikola Tesla’s inventions were far ahead of his time, but were neglected for decades. And only now are we getting back to the ideas of the unrecognized genius. It's very easy to draw parallels with the situation in contemporary economics. Deepening of economic inequality, depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation, and systemic crisis – all these are acute problems of modern society to which modern economics pays too little attention, despite the fact that countless scholars from all around the world have understood the urgency of these issues and have been working to address them for already quite a long time. In the same way as Nikola Tesla wanted to make energy affordable to everyone, through the enhancement of economic thought we aim to gather and systematize all existing relevant knowledge and disseminate it at all levels of the society in order to enable humankind to overcome this difficult period in its evolution.

Nikola Tesla | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

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