First International Social Transformation Conference 10-12 July 2012. Split, Croatia

Theme: Energy currency. Energy as the fundamental Measure of Price, Cost and Value

In memoriam Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)

Tentative Program (Please mention that this program can be changed)

Tuesday, 10th of July 2012 (DAY I)
ISTC Registration opened
Opening: Hares Youssef (founder of The 40 Foundation), Andelka Viskovic (Deputy Major of the City of Split)
Setting the Scene
Prof. Raoul Weiler:
"Civilisation in Danger? In Search for a New World Vision"
Setting the Scene
Prof. Momir Djurovic:
"Energy vs Power” (Title TBC)
Opening Keynote Speech
Prof. Ivo Slaus:
"Need for an alternative monetary system? - Pros. and Cons."
Drinks reception
Wednesday, 11th of July 2012 (DAY II)
Alternative monetary systems
Energy Currency

Bart Klein Ikink:
"Natural Money"

Prof. Jem Bendell and Matthew Slater:
"Helping Sustainable Currencies to Scale: Strategic Insights from Current Practice"

Christophe Place:
"Impact Assessment of Economic and Monetary Innovations for their Financing and Improvement"

Jeff Beller and Susan Caumont:
"Human energy renewable measure"

Steivan Defilla:
"Metrological Aspects of an Energy-Based Currency System"

Peter Etherden and Anton Pinschof:
"The Energy of Human Sovereignty"


Trond Andresen:
"A recipe for a country to gradually and possibly exit from the Eurozone through a parallel emergency currency realised via the mobile phone network"

Marusa Freire:
"Smart social money for inclusive and sustainable finance"

Prof. Margrit Kennedy:
"Our Concept Of Money Used To Rule The World - With the use of new concepts we can rule money?"


Prof. Michael Hudson:
"Money is Not Enough: It is necessary to write down debts"

Prof. Christian Arnsperger
"Money, energy, and sustainability: Could social and sustainable banking, public money creation, and complementary currencies be combined for a better future?”


Hazel Henderson (via video link):
"Ethics of Finance" (Title TBC)

Ellen Brown :
"Sustainable Money for a Sustainable Economy"

Prof. Erich Hoedl:
"Critical view on alternative systems" (Title TBC)

Panel Discussion:
Do we need an alternative monetary system?
questions of the Conference Declaration to be addressed:

  • Is money creation really in national hands?
  • Which scale is optimal for currency: local, national, global or sectoral?
  • Can modern technology enhance the efficiency of the monetary system?
(Incl. Prof. Momir Djurovic, Prof. Ivo Slaus)
Moderator Prof. Erich Hoedl
Sightseeing tour around Split
Thursday, 12th of July 2012 (DAY III)
Alternative monetary systems
Energy Currency

Graham Barnes:
"The Lot of the Currency Designer"

Joel Thompson:
"Combining Natural Savings and Parallel Planting in Kenya: a green currency to support indigenous forest stewardship"

Dr. Warren Coats:
"Real SDR Currency Board"

John Erik Meyer:
"The Perfect Currency"

Malcolm Greenstuart (via video link):
"Cosmic Accounting, Monergetics, Watt-Up"

Jim Rogers:
"The Power Economy"

10:15–10:30 Break

Pat Conaty:
"Economic Democracy and Co-operative Money as a Commons - an historical perspective"

Prof. Richard Werner:
"Where does money come from?"

Dr. Shann Turnbull:
"Money based on nature’s laws"

Nick Gogerty and Joseph Zitoli:
"DeKo: An electricity-backed currency proposal"


Tony Greenham:
"Revitalizing our economies through community currencies: creating a sane monetary system"

Dr. Sgouris Sgouridis:
"Energy-Denominated Currencies as a Viable Pathway for Sustainable Societal Transitions – The Ergo Concept"


Dr. Jeffrey Eisen:
"Whole Systems Economics. Going Beyond Energy-backed Currency to Consciousness-backed Culture" (via video link)

Prof. Mark T. Brown and Dr. Sergio Ulgiati:
"Emergy and Economy: reflections on a resource based currency"

Josh Ryan-Collins and Ludwig Shuster
"Energizing the Money" (NEF and The 40 Foundation)

Panel Discussion:
Energy Currency
questions of the Conference Declaration to be addressed:

  • Do these approaches offer hope for the Euro?
  • What are the best examples to benchmark?
  • What steps should political decision makers take to implement the new currency model?
(Incl. Prof. Erich Hoedl, Prof. Momir Djurovic, Prof. Raoul Weiler, Prof. Ivo Slaus)
Moderator Dr. Joan Majo
Adoption of ISTC Declaration

Hares Youssef (founder of The 40 Foundation)
Dr. Gilbert Fayl (President of The Global Round Table)

© International Social Transformation Conference, 2012