First International Social Transformation Conference 10-12 July 2012. Split, Croatia

Theme: Energy currency. Energy as the fundamental Measure of Price, Cost and Value

In memoriam Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)


Ivo Šlaus | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Ivo Šlaus

Prof. Ivo Slaus, President of the World Academy of Art and Science and President of its South-East European Division, Member of the board of the Club of Rome and member of The Pugwash Council; European Leadership Network member; Dean of the University College for International Affairs and Diplomacy; professor of physics.

Author of many publications and books, among which are “Few body research – summary”, “Building the knowledge-based society - case study South East Europe”, "A Project on The Wealth of Nations Revisited", "Indicators of Economic Progress: The Power of Measurement and Human Welfare".

Richard Andreas Werner | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Richard Andreas Werner

He is noted as a monetary and development economist. He proposed the term quantitative easing, as well as the expression "QE2" referring to the need to implement true quantitative easing as an expansion in credit creation. Werner was chief economist of Jardine Fleming.

Werner is currently teaching at the University of Southampton. He is noted for developing a heterodox theory of money creation called the Credit Theory of Money. He is the founding director of the university's Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development and organiser of the European Conference on Banking and the Economy (ECOBATE), first held on 29 September 2011 in Winchester Guildhall, with Lord Adair Turner, FSA Chairman, as the keynote speaker.

Since 2011, Werner has been a member of the ECB Shadow Council. Werner's book Princes of the Yen was a number one bestseller in Japan in 2001. The book covers the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan specifically and the central bank informal guidance of bank credit in general.

Raoul Weiler | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Raoul Weiler

Prof. Raoul Weiler, Professor at Leuven University on ethics and sustainability. Founder President of The EU-Chapter of the Club of Rome (CoR) and member of the Board of CoR International. Fellow and Board member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. Co-authored and edited numerous books.

Michael Hudson | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson is a research professor of economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. He is a former Wall Street analyst and consultant as well as president of the Institute for the Study of Long-term Economic Trends and a founding member of International Scholars Conference on Ancient Near Eastern Economies (ISCANEE).

Professor Hudson received his Ph.D. in economics from New York University in 1968. He served as Chief Economic Advisor for Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign and holds the same position in Kucinich’s Congressional campaign. He has been economic advisor to the Icelandic, Chinese, Latvian, U.S., Canadian, and Mexican governments, to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. For Scudder, Stevens & Clark in 1990, he established the world’s first Third World sovereign debt fund, which became the second best performing international fund in 1991.

Hudson is the author of such books as “Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire”, “Global Fracture: The New International Economic order”, “Super Imperialism - New Edition: The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance”.

Erich Hoedl | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Erich Hödl

Prof. Erich Hödl, Vice President of European Academy of Sciences and Arts; Professor of Economics; Rector of Universities in Wuppertal (1991-99) and Graz University of Technology (2000-2003); Honorary Doctorate (Moscow); Member of Austrian Council for Accreditation; consulting various Governments, EU, UN. numerous publications on Economic Policy, Environment, Technological Policies.

Mark T. Brown | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Mark T. Brown

Mark T. Brown is Professor in Environmental Engineering Sciences and directs the programs in Systems Ecology and Ecological Engineering. From 1980 until 2006 he was a research scientist and Associate Program Director with the University of Florida's Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands. In the spring of 2006 he was appointed Director of the Center for Environmental Policy.

His research has centered on three areas that can be broadly described as natural resource management, including systems ecology, ecological engineering, ecological economics, environmental planning, environmental policy, and wetlands ecology. He has served as consultant on environmental issues to the EPA, USAID, Governments of Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela, and numerous private consulting firms world-wide.

For six years he was consulting ecologist to The Cousteau Society working with their research teams to develop appropriate solutions to a wide array of resource management problems that affect marine resources throughout the world.

Christian Arnsperger | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Christian Arnsperger

Christian Arnsperger is a German economist, doctor of economic sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain and Master of Research at FNRS. The main spheres of his research are the epistemology of economics, the anthropological implications of economic growth and the transition from capitalism to post-capitalism.

Among his main publications are “Éthique économique et sociale” (2003), “Critical political economy: Complexity, rationality, and the logic of post-orthodox pluralism” (2008), “Éthique de l'existence post-capitaliste - Pour un militantisme existential” (2009), “Full-spectrum economics: Toward an inclusive and emancipatory social science” (2010).

Momir Djurovic | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Momir Djurovic

Prof. Momir Djurovic, Professor emeritus, electrical engineering, University of Montenegro. Has published 12 books, over 250 papers. Has consulted major electric companies around the world and few governments, conducted many international projects. Member of several national academies. President of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts. The Club of Rome member.

Hazel Henderson | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Hazel Henderson

Hazel Henderson is a world renowned futurist, economic iconoclast, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, and author of The Axiom and Nautilus award-winning book Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy. Her other books include Building A Win-Win World, Beyond Globalization, and Planetary Citizenship.

Hazel Henderson also co-edited, with Harlan Cleveland and Inge Kaul, The United Nations: Policy and Financing Alternatives. Hazel Henderson's editorials appear in 27 languages and in 200 newspapers. Her articles have appeared in over 250 journals. Hazel Henderson's books are translated into German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese.

She sits on several editorial boards, including Futures Research Quarterly, The State of the Future Report, and E/The Environmental Magazine (USA), Resurgence and Foresight and Futures (UK). Hazel Henderson has been concerned with finding the unexplored areas in standard economics and the "blind spots" of conventional economists. Most of Hazel Henderson's work relates to the creation of an interdisciplinary economic and political theory with a focus on environmental and social concerns.

Ellen Brown | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In Web of Debt, her latest book, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and "the money trust." She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back.

Ellen has written nearly 100 articles on this subject since Web of Debt was first published, and is the inspiration and thought leader behind the Public Banking Institute, where she serves as Chairman and President. She has degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA School of Law. Brown developed an interest in the developing world and its problems while living abroad for eleven years in Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

She returned to practicing law when she was asked to join the legal team of a popular Tijuana healer with an innovative cancer therapy, who was targeted by the chemotherapy industry in the 1990s. That experience produced her book Forbidden Medicine, which traces the suppression of natural health treatments to the same corrupting influences that have captured the money system.

Margrit Kennedy | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Margrit Kennedy

Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy is an architect, an ecologist, a financial expert and a critic of the prevailing economic system. As a professor she headed the department of Technological Advancement and Resource Efficient Construction at the Universtiy of Hannover's architecture school. As early as 1982 she recognized that the broader application of ecological principals was inhibited by fundamental flaws in the monetary system, especially the consistent need for economic growth resulting from interest and compound interest. Her most famous book, Interest and Inflation Free Money: Creating an Exchange Medium That Works for Everybody and Protects the Earth, was originally published in 1987 and has been revised several times and translated into 22 languages.
Shann Turnbull | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Shann Turnbull

Dr Shann Turnbull is a prolific author on reforming the theories and practices of capitalism that a Google search can identify. After obtaining an MBA from Harvard he became a private equity partner re-organizing public companies and also a serial entrepreneur listing three companies on the Australian stock exchange.

In 1975 he co-founded the first course in the world to provide company directors an educational qualification and wrote Democratising the Wealth of nations. The novel ideas in his book led to consulting assignments for multi-national corporations, United Nations, World Bank, and governments, including in 1991 the Peoples Republic of China and Czechoslovakia.

In the early 1980’s he presented to community activists attending E.F. Schumacher Society seminars across the US his 1978 proposal for an energy currency. His presentations are published in Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and concepts for self-reliant economic change. He is now working on introducing energy money as a member of the Green Money Working Group sponsored by The 40 Foundation and Coops UK Limited.

Joan Majo | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Joan Majó

Dr. Joan Majó, Member of the Royal Academy of Science of Barcelona. Chairman of BAOLAB Microsystems and the Catalan Circle for Knowledge. Former Spanish Minister for Industry and Energy; High-Level Advisor to the EU; City Mayor; Director General of TV3 and Olivetti Spain. Doctor Engineer in Electronics and Political Science and “Ingenieur Europeen”.He held the post of Minister for Industry and Energy during the years of restructuring of the Spanish industry and the preparations for Spain’s entry into the EU and has also been Director General of the company commissioned to implement terrestrial digital television in Spain. He chaired the group of experts that drew up the independent five-year assessment for the European Parliament on the science and technology policy of the European Union. He has also been a member of the European Research Advisory Body.

Sgouris Sgouridis | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Sgouris Sgouridis

Dr. Sgouris Sgouridis is an Associate Professor at Masdar Institute. His current research interests focuses on sociotechnical systems modeling including sustainable transportation systems and sustainable energy systems management including the use of energy as complementary currency. Dr. Sgouridis is Principal Investigator for projects at Masdar Institute researching commercial aviation sustainability, EV adoption potential in UAE, renewable energy potential in UAE and as a societal transition leverage and he co-led the development of the Sustainable Bioenergy Resource Project.

Prior to his role at Masdar Institute, Dr. Sgouridis supported governmental and private organizations including the US Department of Transportation, the Port Authority of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic Army. He holds a PhD in Engineering Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2007), an MS in Technology and Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2005), and an MS in Transportation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2005). Dr. Sgouridis received the Martin Fellowship for Sustainability (2004-2005) and an award for Excellence in Academic Performance from the Chambers of Engineers (1998 and 1999).

Tony Greenham | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Tony Greenham

Tony is Head of Finance and Business at nef, leading the programme of research into reforming the financial sector and aligning the interests of society and business. Since 2010 he has advised the government on regional economic regeneration as a member of the Regional Growth Fund Advisory Panel.

Tony is a regular media commentator on banking issues, contributing to various BBC programmes, including BBC Newsnight, BBC News 24, and Radio 5 Live, as well as Sky News, Channel 4 News, and AlJazeera English Newshour, and writing for the Daily Mail, the Guardian and Huffington Post.

Josh Ryan-Collins | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh joined nef in 2006 and works in the Finance and Business team leading work on monetary reform. He is the lead author of nef's recently published guide to the UK monetary system - Where does money come from? - which sets out in non-technical language how commercial banks dominate the creation and allocation of credit and money.

He is now working on the implications of this model and more democratic alternatives, including strategic credit creation by governments or central banks, full reserve banking and complementary currency systems.

Pat Conaty | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Pat Conaty

Pat Conaty is a founder and former Executive Director of the UK Social Investment Forum – the national association of socially responsible investment organisations. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, a Research Associate at the University of Salford and since 2007 – a Fellow at New Economic Foundation.

Pat was educated at the University of California studying Political Economy. In the 90s Pat was Development Director of the Birmingham Settlement, an inner city community regeneration organisation. He led the setting up of inner city social enterprises: credit unions, Business Debtline, the Aston Reinvestment Trust, local Community Development Finance Institution – and ART Homes for home improvement finance.

Ludwig Schuster | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Ludwig Schuster

Ludwig Schuster is a freelance project manager and consultant for Social Entrepreneurs, with a long-term experience in the field of complementary currencies and alternative finance. He is a founding member and facilitator of the think-tank Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltiges Geld, and a member of the scientific committee of the German Regiogeld Association. His research is currently focused on the monetary drivers of economic growth, as well as innovative financial instruments for a sustainable economy.

Recent Publications:

Drivers of Economic Growth in the Monetary Economy. Interim Report. Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe Nachhaltiges Geld (Co-Ed.), 2012
With a Complementary Currency, Greece Can Devalue - And Stay in the Euro Area (with Margrit Kennedy), 2011
Emission Rights as a Carbon Currency. Thoughts on the Currency Aspects of CO2-Emissions Trading (Kathy Beys Foundation), 2010

Marusa Vasconcelos Freire | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Marusa Vasconcelos Freire

Marusa Vasconcelos Freire is legal counsel at the Central Bank of Brazil since 1994, having held the position of Vice General Counsel (2010-2011), Deputy General Counsel (2009-2010) and Chief Counsel of the Center for Legal Studies (2006-2009). Previously, she held the position of General Counsel for the Administrative Council of Economic Defense, the Brazilian Competition Law Agency (1996-1999).

She is a specialist in Central Banking, Financial and Monetary Law and Financial Sector Regulation, as well as in Microfinance, Electronic Money, Social Economy, Social Money (Complementary Currencies) and Creative Economy.

In 1998 she completed her Master Degree in Law and The State and in 2011 she completed her PhD in Law, The State and The Constitution, both at the Faculty of Law, University of Brasília. During this period, she was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (California, USA), affiliated with the Center for Latin American Studies (2001-2002), and completed an advanced course of study on Financial Law, International Economic Law and Economic Community Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Jeff Eisen | conference 2012 | international money | money management international

Jeff Eisen

Dr. Jeff Eisen, Ph.D., is an enlightenment therapist, teacher, and author. Trained as a psychotherapist, he has gone far beyond that to create PsychoNoetics, a system of holosentient thinking, intentional clearing and evolution.

In his books and in dozens of online essays, he has explored nonduality, the nature of illusory reality, and recently, the socioeconomic forces that condition our consciousness. Dr. Eisen practices and teaches PsychoNoetics locally in his South Florida office, and globally through the Internet.

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